Friday, September 18, 2015

Tablescapes Urban Streets Part 2: Street Tiles

Applying the same steps outlined in the previous post, I completed the rest of the street tiles from the Secret Weapon Miniatures Tablescapes Urban Streets kit. Total time spent on these (13?) Tiles was about a weekend.

The first picture is the tiles before they were weathered. The only things different from the previous steps was (1) I added crosswalk markers on many of the streets; (2) I created blast patterns in the craters by spraying Minitaire Coal, fanning outwards; (3) I took the liberty of applying some hazard stripes around the vent-machine-thing in one of the street tiles. Regarding the cross-walk and yellow road markers, the Tamiya tape impressed me -- I used just one masking for each, reused on all tiles.

Below is following a gloss varnish coat followed by oil washes for weathering. Powders were also added to the metal bitz.

Next I'll post the foundation tiles, the whole board together, and some concluding thoughts. 

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