Tuesday, August 9, 2011

WIP: decals in progress

Working on designing some custom decals. More detail on the contents when I start using them (hopefully not to long), but the result will be a new level of Imperial Fisty-ness!

Friday, August 5, 2011

WIP 3: Mk6 Astartes

Just to present some progress alongside a few minor notes on how some of the design goals are factoring in.

Brother Nakano, equipped with Mk6 power armor and a chain-bayonette.

The battle damage and weathering is really starting to effectively represent Chapter's stubborn, hard-fighting nature. Combined with the chain-bayonette, a good grim-dark and bad ass vibe is developing as well.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Design Notes 2: background material

Last design note, I laid out the main design goals of the project, which to were render an army that is: sweet looking, grim dark, realistic and represents the background material accurately.

Of these, the background material requires the most forethought, planning and research. So, wanting not to crap on my own face because I fucked up planning, I made a chart of the traits or 'science-fiction facts' that characterize the Imperial Fists in the fluff.

Key: Each row is a 'fact' that characterizes the Imperial Fists in the fluff. Each column is a way to model and paint the strike force which does work to represent the facts of the Chapter on the table-top.

If you’re curious for more detail for each trait, check out the Imperial Fists lexicanum entry. Astheprimaryauthoroverthepastyearandahalf, I’ve made sure it's very thorough and well-cited while at work in my free time. If you scroll down to the bibliography section, you'll find the research materials used.

Uniform Unit Markings

Battle Damage


Armor Variants

Trench Basing

Honor Dueling Scars

Germanic Names, Heraldries

“Palace Guard” Insigna


Codex Astartes


Ancient History



5th Company



Siege Masters







Obsessive Discipline


Prussian / Terran





Tuesday, August 2, 2011

WIP 2: progress teaser

A teaser picture from some recent progress.

Monday, August 1, 2011

WIP 1: two battle-brothers

Two nearly completed members of Tactical Squad Irpa, "The Hellsgaurd," 3rd Squad, 5th Company Imperial Fists. Basing still required.

1. Brother Nakano, equipped with MkL "Legacy" power armor.

1.1 Brother Nakano equipped with a Stutter pattern chain-bayonet.

2. Brother Ludwig advances, guy wearing red is impressed.