Tuesday, April 10, 2012

WIP Experimenting with Oil Paints and Metallic Battle Damage Pt. II

With my first tactical squad almost done (happy happy pictures in the coming weeks), I've started thinking about how to paint armor. I'm told oil paints are a must for good armor and given that I have little experience with painting vehicles or with oil paints, I thought I'd give some more experimentation a go. Here, I was using Imperial Armor Masterclass as a guide. This is basecoat, oil, and chipping only -- no highlights.

This little experiment has convinced me that oil is the way to go. However, it's a finicky medium and its properties change pretty significantly as it slowly dries. That said, a little bit more practice and we'll be good to go.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

WIP Posing Marines

The limited poses of space marines drives me crazy. Mixing in running legs from the assault box can help, but only so much. Having one or two marines posed differently using GW parts also helps (e.g., the kneeling and auspex marines, previously pictured).

But wanting some more variability, I've started messing around with converting marines into different poses. the MK4 marine previously pictured (in an aiming position) was a minor reposing conversion, but it really just moved the bolter up closer to the guy's face -- barely noticeable, really. So decided to go for another converted pose in this squad, something a little more distinct.

Hence, we have 'Mr. walking-with-weapon-in-stand-by-position." First time I've ever tried a serious reposing. My Green Stuff skills need some work, but with a few adjustments, this guy should be good to go.