Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bases, Custom Decals WIP

Recently, I've added new custom decals and settled on a basing method. I haven't had time for any good photographing, so these two quick, fairly crappy shots will have to do.

(Click for larger pictures).

  • Bases: Last post, I had some quick WIP shots of bases with plasticard pipes, scrap and Secret Weapon Miniatures razor wire along with some green stuff. After painting those bits with metallics, washes, oil washes and some weathering powders, I applied two layers of mud using the kit also from by Secret Weapon Miniatures, including some water effects to simulate puddles. I'm really pleased with the results: the muddy terrain with debris gives the sense of assaulting (or defending) entrenched positions and implies some really intense combat -- both of which articulate the Imperial Fists' specialty in siege warfare and stubborn nature. The dark, wet mud also ties together the mud streaks and battle damage on the armor, I think, creating an overall coherent atmosphere. I still have to paint some black around the edges to cover up the sloppy mud applications, but oh well.
  • Decals: I replaced the squad number on the knees with the 5th Company insignia. Now, there is no official background on Companies having their own insignia, but its an effective way to add to the feel of the force, creating a sense of culture and history. The insignia itself is a crenelated tower, similar to the silhouette of a rook chess piece. This seems appropriate for the the Chapter, especially given the Imperial Fists' prominent role in defending the Emperor's Palace during the Horus Heresy. Also, the symbol may have a legitimate claim at canonicity, as it is depicted on an Imperial Fists Terminator in Index Astartes (below). While I may be reaching a bit, notice that the Terminator features black reliefs, perhaps implying that he is attached to 5th Company and that, therefore, the crenelated insignia may be that of 5th Company as well. Also, like, you know, it looks cool.

update: In the movie Ultramarines, V Company is referred to as the "Palace Guard," so if that horribly film is taken as cannon, then the crenelated tower would be an even more appropriate choice for the Company's insignia.  


  1. Looks good, I can practically hear the squelching sounds.

  2. Very nice basing...

    With that insignia placement on the Terminator, it seems more likely for it to be an army badge than a Company insignia. Unless the Fists use a weird organizational scheme for their Terminators, they don't get assigned to companies, they just get seconded to an engagement in the same way that many of the vehicles do- that's where the army badges come from. I don't remember if it's in the current SM book, but you'll get the same marking on everything from Guardsmen to Titans, kind of a morale thing more than FoF markings, I think.

  3. I hear you Conspyre, by attached I did mean "seconded." Otherwise, what's the black doing there? It's the only possible indication of Company, and first company for the IF is white or silver. I think you're probably right about the campaign badge, but shh...;-)

  4. I think the black lining is probably there for the same reason Cato Sicarius has a red cloak on the Studio model- because good contrasting tones frequently take precedence over proper Company colors (My Cato has a yellow cloak, because I'm a maniac for proper markings). I would be surprised if they changed their armor trim based on assignments, considering the attachment of the Machine Spirit of the armor to the proper color schemes- see also the Deathwatch keeping original chapter markings on the one pad in order to avoid irking them. Of course, you'll also find quite a few things painted how they're painted "because they felt like it", so who's to say that the 5th Company didn't compel all their attached forces to paint their markings black for the Crusade At Bob's Planet in 997.M41?